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A new segment I’ll be adding to my blog. I read a lot of blogs and articles of all sorts and sometimes its hard to find a place to post all the wonderful tid bits.


Here’s some quotes from the blog originally posted on The Design Trust

The ‘advertising rule of 7′ is used to its greatest potential in a store environment when the customer can see the message underpinned across all key products, which are merchandised in such a way to create a story, a lifestyle, a collection that can be easily bought into, thus providing a solution and complete offer in one place.

Inviting your key buyers to look at your new collections at the trade fairs should be the main objective.

the client is buying into your creative thinking as well as the end object.

Communication is essential. Please make sure you tell your story to as many people as possible. You do not know where the next email, phone call or potential client is coming from.

I think it is important for a collection to show your own style and personality, as originality is a huge selling point.

Use an event or show as a launch pad Trade shows are a great platform for you to launch new products. Buyers will be looking for something new and maybe even exclusive, something that hasn’t been shown online or at another show before.

PR! You will really have to promote your collections well to get it off the ground. As well as the usual social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, having amazing product photography is essential. You can use it to create flyers and banners for both online and on paper.

buyers choose products which compliment other stock in their store. Your small collection becomes part of their big collection.As a designer/supplier, you’ll need to convince them you have the skill, vision and willingness to work within their overall aesthetic

Trade fairs are timed to coincide with buying seasons. Even if you’re not exhibiting keep an eye on them as they are a good indication of what’s happening in the retail world.

I have brought out 19 collections over 17 years. The most popular have almost always been those that have clearly defined my style. Interestingly the less popular ones are those that have been more mainstream and less courageous.

You need to pick a time when you will gain maximum publicity, such as just before a trade show. With your blog posts, newsletters and social media aim to get them seen at the beginning of the week as readers are much more likely to look at them then.

Surtex just passed, so there will be a lot of good blog posts to read up.

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