Comics and Unfinished Business

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Classes are over for the year (sent in my last assignment yesterday). Schedules for next year are a bit finicky so still working on it. I’ve started on my 2nd part time job, working for the school for summer. Still have commission work to clear out so I’ve been busy!

I’m glad I decided to keep out of artists alley at multi day cons. A few weeks ago, I tabled at Madeby Illust market and just paid for Orlando Anime Day, June 15. I have some stock and I don’t over think about my presentation at these simple places. A lot less stressful.

So my focus for this summer, besides keeping up my skills and learning 2 programs, I’m hoping to get back to making comics. I’ve recently finished taking ‘writing for YA’ and learned a good deal about creating stories (and that I need to get a grasp on my grammar). I’ve never thought I’d do this, but I’ve decided not to continue Galactic Divine. I have other stories that I’ve never finished but hadn’t produced comics for. Once I start on a comic, I like to finish it. So GD is my first incomplete comic.

Why? well I might have subconsciously known thisĀ  before the writing class, but the class put into words the problem I was having. GD was a broken story to begin with. The world wasn’t developed other then how pretty everything looked andĀ  I needed a reason to draw pretty men.

So when I needed to continue writing the story, I hit road blocks, or roads that had no signs. What ever the case, I stopped working on it and worked on other stuff .

Who knows, I might reuse some of the characters, but not all were developed either.