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This summer has passed by so fast! so many ups and a lot of downs. I’m scrambling to make my school payment to the last min. Lots of things I wish I did, some things I wish I did differently. Live and learn, right?

I haven’t had time to post new work, but I have been working on commissions behind the scenes. Plus, with school work, I’ll have a lot to post before the end of the year.

AFO is the last con I’ll be tabling at and one more one day show at a library (well, still debating, depending on work). My inventory is dwindling down and the rest I’ll sell to my school store. So if there was anything you’d like, now’s the time to get them at my shop.

< Con art work, not sure if its for the guide book.

I’ve been doing cons since 2006, mostly anime cons but some comic cons, multi cons and local small shows. So to end on a good note and pass on what I’ve learned, I’ll be hosting a panel/chat "Artist alley, why do you do it?" at AFO.

Anyone attending, please come by with any questions or share your thoughts and experiences. Even if you’re not tabling, or not even an artist but love to buy stuff from AA, there’s still some info that would be of interest. I have an outline but I’m open to let the audience steer the direction of the talk.

Its my last year of school, and I’d say, it’s looking positive. Life is not without stress, but I have hope to be able to overcome them.

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