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At the time of writing this, I’m prepping for Toracon, a small show at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences.  I’m printing out revised price sheets and counting inventory.

Before this though, I’ve submitted for Surtex Designext last month. You can see a few designs of the crystal motif I decided not to use. Here’s hoping that I get a spot and get a great start to my career after school.

Next are some previews of another collection. The idea is the theme of geometrics but adding a human touch to them. Geoganics is a high end pattern since I envision them printed on satin or satin like materials with high definition for use in accessories like scarves and handbags or just a nice under blouse. I’ve submitted these for Make it in Design scholarship.

geometric organic square

geometric organic square


I’m working on a new commission for conceptual fashion costume design for a militaristic sci fi. I’ll post a few previews of those in the future.

Other things I’m planning on is a few concepts for mod cloth make the cut-prints charming pattern competition and a men’s pattern collection (this is more difficult then I thought).

In the middle of all this, I’m chugging at my senior thesis show. I only have two months to work on things and submit to design studios and private labels. Then I graduate in May and the last class is on April 28th.

Did I mention I have two part time jobs while going to class full time?

Later on I’ll look back and smile.