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For those of you who care for a more business orientated reflection of otakon, read my long post here on Tumber.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported my art. To my commissioners, I”m glad that you found my style so appealing. My table mate Mayshing was fun to chat with and really helped me out at getting this table. Read her cute comic post con post. Though if I was to do this all over again, I would have registured for 2 full tables.

I’m still shocked that someone spend $4100 on something at the art auction. The city of baltimore was one of the most safe cities I’ve ever walked at 1am in the morning. The city of baltimore really hates giving out free internet.

The artist alley was awesome in some spots, but over cooked in other areas. Dealer’s room was bla (well, never one for caring about dealer’s room. I buy all my stuff online for less). It was annoying to find anything since there was no markers for the aisles (which I don’t get why not).

School’s in 2 weeks, still looking up apartments to rent. I”m going to NYCC, but I”m pretty much prepared with a few more bags to finish making and comissions to mail out.

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