Its December already??

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So glad the term is over. I thought it was just me, but found out a lot of my peers were really under pressure this term. I know its junior year but the extent of busy that happened (and life) was just unexpected. Last year was too slow for me, this year, well wow.

So I have a lot of posting updating that I haven’t gotten too. I haven’t even posted all the commissions I’ve done for NYCC and plent of class work to post. I’m going to revamp this site soon too. I’d like to stream the look and fuction more as a portfolio then a catch all. I"ll also be updating the shop, orginizing the blog and get working on Oeclair.

Before all that though, I stil have some commissions to finish up, need to update my resume and linkedin profile. This doesn’t include prepping for a gallery show and my submission to surtex.

So here’s just a few of my illustrations I’ve done for classes.

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