Blogging For Creatives :Review


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Blogging for Creatives is a loving little book to help start blogging with artists in mind. I had ordered this book to learn more about how to best promote my website and what readers want from a blog.

To start, this book gives a great first impression. The layout and color shcemes are bright and easy to read, not some bland ‘how to’ business manual. This a book for creative made by a very creative person. Robin Houghton really took the time to orginize the content and makes it easy to follow step by step, not missing a beat.

I’ve had my site and blog for a few years so I didn’t get much use from the first half of the book. The first half helps you set up a new blog and teaches you web terminolgy. The second half gives ways to make content, promote and monitor your blog.

I took a lot of notes thorugh the second half of the book. In the mean time, I got inspiration for a lot of new ideas and learned some tips for what not to do.

I’d definitly recomend checking this book out. Its well rounded and since its aim towards creatives, a lot of the info relate to illustrators and comic artists.  I got my library to order it. See if your local library have a copy.