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Going on for a week now, my schedule has been filled with a recent personal project. Well, the week passed was also filled with moving to a new place and showing an art,comics and book show. Yes I have been busy!

So what am I working on? A lovely fully illustrated adventure book called Oeclair:

cover mockup

In trying to save her best friend, Shara is caught in the storm barrier of the outer edge of the open sea and is hurled to the unknown side.

She wakes up in an imperfect world, complete contrast of her warm and peaceful home. In a world where health is a luxury and most are just trying to survive the day; She becomes a hunted outcast by the zealous and oppressive ruling order, wanting to exploit her ability to wield Oeclair.

I’m currently raising funds online for the first print run of both the book and a full artist edition with original art and art file. Take a look at the project and here’s a video about the work.

See the full project page ->